We offer tons of colors and styles of Vinyl for pressing, including 2-color, holographic, and glitter styles. This process is mostly used for athletic teams or personalizing products.

Screen Printing

Our most used production, screen printing is the backbone of Corredor Concepts. Shirts have special ink printed directly on them by hand, and then get pulled off and placed on a large dryer. After drying, they're folded and boxed by hand for you. We offer all the way up to a 4-color process, and can print hundreds of shirts each hour. 


Used mostly for small designs or personalization, our embroidery is some of the best in the business. We offer hundreds of colors and price by thread count, allowing many intricate designs. This process is used mainly for company shirts and churches, but we also handle many towels and bags.

Laser Engraving

Using a state-of-the-art laser machine, we are able to engrave personal names and designs into cups, clothes, wood, and many other materials. This process is mainly used for glasses and fan shirts.

Specialized Printing

Our newest service we offer! By using a specialized printer and paper combo, we can choose any design or color amount to be pressed directly onto a product. This can be used for shirts, koozies, bags, and many other products we offer.